Funny Maid of Honor Speeches

Funny Maid of Honor Speeches
Funny Maid of Honor Speeches
The best man’s speech is usually expected to be the comic relief at a wedding reception, but there’s no reason why there can’t be funny maid of honor speeches too.  Funny maid of honor speeches can be some of the most interesting to listen to, because even through all the humor, they are able to retain the deep emotion that a lot of best man speeches lose.

At least half of all maids of honor cry at some point during their wedding speeches.  It comes naturally to a lot of women to cry at weddings.  When the bride is her life-long best friend or her baby sister, the maid of honor sometimes has no choice but to wear waterproof mascara, bring along a box of Kleenex and hope for the best.  The good news is that funny maid of honor speeches do not have to be tear-free. The combination of emotion and humor will make the speech even more touching to the bride and her guests. You can also check Best Man Speeches here.

A maid of honor who is not particularly outgoing or confident in her public speaking ability may back down from the idea of using humor in her speech because she’s just not sure she can pull it off well.  She may come up with a list of jokes she could use and then start to wonder, “What if no one laughs?”  This fear is made even worse by the fact that she’ll deliver her speech alongside a best man who’s a notorious crowd pleaser.  Fortunately, the maid of honor doesn’t have to be a standup comedian to get a room full of wedding guests laughing.  There are many different ways to bring humor into a wedding speech, and no one style is more desirable than any other.

A lot of wedding speakers start off their speeches with a joke or clever one-liner.  Wedding speech jokes often require very little creative energy and don’t necessarily have to come naturally to the speaker because they are readily available in books, magazines and internet sites.  But while jokes may be the most common form of speech humor, they can also be the most difficult to use.  Even speakers who would otherwise consider themselves naturally funny can freeze up under the pressure of speaking to a large number of people, especially on an emotionally and physically tiring occasion like a wedding.  That’s why it’s so important for most speakers to prepare and practice the speech ahead of time.

Another popular style of wedding humor comes in the form of humorous anecdotes. A maid of honor may get the guests (and bride!) laughing by telling a funny story about something the bride did, her first impression of the groom, etc.  These stories should be chosen carefully so as to relate in some way to the occasion at hand and avoid offending anyone with inappropriate content. Again, preparation is key. Even a maid of honor with no public speaking experience can stand up and share a memory that will make everyone laugh, as long as she takes the time to get comfortable with the wording ahead of time.

Tone is perhaps the most under appreciated style of wedding speech humor, but it’s easy and effective if you know how to use it.  In this type of humor, it’s not what you say, but how you say it.  Sarcasm is one of those things that a lot of quieter personality types possess, though they may not realize that it works in their favor.  Whether it comes out in a tongue in cheek remark, a dry tone, or a light-heated attempt to make fun of you, a touch of sarcasm is often very useful in funny maid of honor speeches.  If it fits your personality, use it – just don’t cross over into cynicism.

While no one style of humor is better than the others, there is a right and wrong choice for every maid of honor speech.  The “right” choice is the one that springs naturally from the speaker’s personality. That is not to say that it’s a bad idea to look to outside sources for inspiration when writing a maid of honor speech.  Getting help is fine, just so long as your speech reflects your personality.