Father of the Bride Speeches Examples
A wedding is always an emotional moment. It brings two people together for life and sanctifies their relationship. It’s one of those days of your life that stay with you forever…it’s an experience that you live with. It never becomes a memory. Wedding transforms the life of the bride and the groom. But the transformation comes along with a transition for the bride. She psychological gets transformed into a wife and accepts the groom’s family and name.

Another person for whom this moment is as special, as transforming and as transitional as it is for the bride is the bride’s father (both her parents actually). He is the man who gives a part of his life away. This moment marks the beginning of a new life for his daughter with a new man in her life. It tells the father that he is not the only most important man in his daughter’s life. The groom, the guests and most of the entire bride look up to the father to say a few words.

As a father it is quite difficult to control your feelings at such an emotional moment and speak to the gathering in a composed and contained manner. But it is a duty and privilege that every father has to honor. So do it with all your heart.

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You are the father. So your maid of honor speech should be dignified. You ought to be sentimental but and you should voice your feelings; but don’t get too sentimental, at least not in front of so many people.
Begin with introducing yourself. Speak on behalf of your wife and yourself. No doubt it’s the father who gives the daughter away, but the mother’s heart beats equally heavy.

Welcome all the guests and thank them. Give special attention to the groom’s parents and immediate family. Say some good words about them and make them feel welcome into your family.

Make your daughter feel as important and special as you can. Make her feel beautiful. Tell her that you are proud of her. Make the best of this moment to tell your daughter what she means to you. Remember, she is getting married and entering a new life; but her heart beats for the assurance from you that her parents are always there for her. You can share some of the cherished moments that you have had with your princess. Highlight the best part of her personality. Tease her, pamper her, advise her and wish her the best life. But be gentle in your words.

Formally welcome the groom. He is the man you have trusted your daughter with. Express what he means to you as a person. Again, you can crack jokes but don’t let him done… not even in the slightest manner.
Express how you think about your daughter and son-in-law as a couple. Tell people how you have seen them grow in each other’s company.

Advise the new couple about the ‘golden rules’ of a happy married life. These should be based on your experience as a married man.

End your speech with a toast to the happy future of the new couple.
For every daughter, her father is her hero. And she needs the most of that ‘heroism’ at the on shoot of her new life. You have built her life. Now build her day up. You have given your daughter to the groom, and when you rise to deliver your speech, give your heart to your daughter. Also read the Father of the Groom Speech